Co-Production, a model for fair and sustainable societies

The main objective of MedTOWN is to promote co-production initiatives for municipal policies in collaboration with Social and Solidarity entities in the Mediterranean basin.

Co-production empowers citizens by collaborating in the development,
design and delivery of a specific public policy, together with public authorities.

Co-production generates more resilient and sustainable societies, as participation enables citizens to include their concerns and and social inclusion as it increases their sense of belonging, improves social cohesion and builds social capital. Meanwhile, the process is more cost-effective for the administration, guaranteeing the traceability of public money, verifying the suitability of the expenditure in a fast and constant way, and at the same time simplifying the administrative work, shortening the circuit in time by saving steps in the procedure between the administration and the people using the service.

MedTOWN encourages a sustainable inclusive growth model that will transform public services from unilateral providers to facilitators of more democratic participatory communities.

Multiplier effect Complementary Currencies

The use of these instruments can turn an aid programme into a programme of economic revival.
Local and citizen currencies amplify the economic impact of a subsidy given to citizens, promoting its use in the local commerce and encouraging recirculation in the local economy itself, which increases the multiplier effect of public spending.

Using municipal e-money payment methods to activate local commerce and to ensure that local public aid not only covers the basic needs of the population, but also multiplies the economic impact of public spending thanks to the recirculation of money in the local economic circuit.

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