Lead Trainers

Experts Team (RedT contracted by PARC / P3) who offers support as the coordinating body for the capacity building and knowledge sharing components of MedTOWN. This team are noted as having the following roles:

  • Design of 1st & 2nd ToT training, training delivery online and evaluation
  • Support ToT trainees (Local Trainers) in preparation, facilitation and delivery of contents in NWs
  • Organisation and facilitation of NW in Spain
  • Design and Development of the MedTOWN Toolkit & Facilitation Guide, with support of the other partners
  • Support for the design of Demonstrative Action in Spain
  • Evaluation and Lead the Technical Support Visits outside Spain after NW 
  • Coordination of design and implementation of Regional & International CoP
  • Organisation of 6 Network discussions on relevant topic of analysis or findings
  • Organisation of a 3-day CoP International Exchange Event (IEE)
  • Facilitation and support in activities related to Exchange amongst social services professionals
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