Local Trainers

Local trainers are appointed in each project partner country and are key actors of MedTOWN, who connect local and international levels of the projects and assume the following roles:

  • Participation in the 1st and 2nd ToT as trainees
  • Design of the training and facilitation of National Workshops
  • Translation of the Facilitation Guide to local language (if needed)
  • Provide feedback on MedTOWN Toolkit & Facilitation Guide
  • Take an active supporting role in the implementation of Demonstrative Actions
  • Organisation of specific events to launch RCoP after National Workshop and Technical Support Visit in every country
  • Manage & Facilitate the in-person aspects of the RCoP
  • Participation as active members of the ICoP
  • Participation as active members in the IEE
  • Active contribution in the creation of media materials to be shared for the Plan of Exchange of Professionals
  • Active participation in peer-to-peers visits to demonstrative actions & pilot actions
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